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IABT (IA+) Smart Home Devices

IA Smart Home is a set of IoT devices to build a smart home.
Various IoT devices can be IA-Enabled and connect to IA Smart Home.
There are a ready IA-Enabled IoT device package for smart homes includes:

Code Your IoT Device
Make Your Smart Home Smarter via Blockly


IA Service Gallery lets IoT users to define any possible service by applying their installed IoT devices in their home.

IA Service Gallery is a repository of IoT services which are developed by users easily using Blockly. Not only users create new IoT services for their own use, but also they can share the created IoT services with other users by publishing them on IA Service Gallery. Moreover, users can browse IA Service Gallery and install any IoT services published by other users.

We as a team are focusing on smart home technology and provide new solutions for future lifestyle.
Our new technology enables users to have a smarter home and have more control on their devices.

Home Security
Smart Energy Management (SEM)

Join IABT(IA+) and expand
your IoT devices

(for IoT device vendors)

Companies can join to this platform and connect to the users easily.

By connecting your IoT device to IA Cloud Platform, you can integrate your device with other IoT devices and create hundreds of possible combined IoT services based on your device and other devices from other IoT vendors.

You can freely publish your defined services in IA Service Gallery and make it available for your users.

Your users can freely use IA Control Panel to access all your devices as well as other vendors' IoT devices.

Moreover, your users can define customized IoT services based on their own IoT devices.

Coming Soon...

IA Smart Thermostat

IA Smart Temperature Sensor

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