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How to make financial transactions with Cryptocurrencies?

To use a metaphor, how do we handle real world money? Ofcourse we need to have a “wallet” or purse, and then we have to receive money to put in it. Ethereum (and all other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.) is exactly the same. We need to set up a special wallet that holds Ethereum, and then we can put Ethereum in it or spend / withdraw any amount up to our balance.
For each type of cryptocurrency, there are few wallets available which we may simply sign-up for a new wallet online (Web) or install it on a PC or a mobile device.
“Internet Anywhere” for some technical reasons has chosen “Ethereum” among cryptocurrencies as the platform for financial transactions. So, this tutorial will guide you on the following steps:

1. How to create an Ethereum wallet
2. How to buy Ethereum
3. How to make payments using Ethereum
4. How to receive IABT Tokens in your Ethereum wallet