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A Gallery of IoT Services
A new paradigm in Smart Home Technology

IA Service Gallery is a sub-tab in IA Control Panel which provides hundreds of IoT services. These services enable users to extend the functionality of their smart home. Therefore, users are able to define innovative IoT services based on different type of IoT devices installed in their home.

Millions of

to Use


Connecting IoT Devices Together
Using IA Service Gallery, diffrent IoT devices can be connected together.

IA Service Gallery
IA Service Gallery contains IoT services. IoT services are mini apps which could bring new features and options to smart homes and IoT devices. IA has given opportunity to extend itself by other developers through IA Service Gallery.

All IoT services defined in IA Service Store are based on smart contract and blockchain. Therefore to run an IoT service blockchain, tokens should be used as a means for running its smart contract. InternetAnywhere Blockchain Token (IABT) is the designed blockchain token for such smart contracts. IABT Tokens can be used and transfered from one wallet to another wallet in multiple cases such as:

Customer to Vendor
Customer to Service
Vendor to Vendor

Creating IoT Service
To create a new IoT Service users can use Service Creator in your IA Control Panel.
Service Creator enables users develop their own desirable services.

Creating IoT Service By Coding

Coding Console is a platform of programming with Java language.


Creating IoT Service By Blockly

Visual Console is designed to enable non-professional programmers develop their idea in a very simple way. With a library of Blocks, you access to whatever you need for coding. By interlocking blocks together, a scenario will be created and can be published into the service gallery.


How It Works

Like rule based engines, where user can control behavior of an IoT device according to states of other devices, in IA Services, a developer can check the state of any device and send commands to another device appropriate to that situation, just by an easy coding with syntax like JavaScript.

After creating an IoT service, it must be published in the IA Service Gallery, a gallery of many smart and IoT related (or maybe not IoT related) services, where customers who have smart home, can browse between these services and select them for their smart homes to have smarter homes and make IoT devices more usable.