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IA Smart Speaker
Play your favorite music or radio

IA Smart Speaker is a smart audio playback device that provides a wide range of functionalities
including playing several types of audio files, playing/accessing to more than 3000 live radio
stations. IA Smart Speaker also can act as a door bell or alarm. In addition, IA Smart Speaker
can be connected to other IoT devices in IA Service Gallery and provide million different
innovative services by integration with other IoT devices.


Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n - Bluetooth

9(H) x 9(W) x 6(L) cm

270 gr

Rated Voltage
AC100V-240V 60/50Hz

Device Voltage/Current
DC 5V/1.5A

Wood and Fabric

Features: 5 Watt amplifier, online streaming, touchable keys, access to more than 3000 live radio stations, no hub needed, adapter included, built-in Wi-Fi, easy Installation, supporting playing .mp3, .aac, .ogg vorbis, .wma, .midi, .flac, .wav audio files

IA Smart Speaker
The sound of Your Home

Wood is Rigid. Wood is Dense. Wood is Resonant. Wood gives sounds the ability to resonate. If you knock on other materials, you'll be met with a 'dead' noise. Other cabinets simply block out dynamic sound, whereas wooden cabinets reflect and amplify a song's warmer aspects. IA Smart Speaker is made from real wood.


Easy to Use
A User Friendly Application on Your Smartphone

IA Smart Speaker can be monitored and controlled by your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Using IA Control Panel, you can access to the device from anywhere, anytime.

IA Control Panel
One application to monitor and control all your devices.

Code Your Speaker

IA Smart Speaker can be inegrated with any IA-enabled device via IA Service Gallery. By IA Service Gallery you can program your device and create new services for your IA Smart Speaker. Services can be programmed by interlocking blocks together.